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O U R • S T O R Y

Gillingham Brewing Company is an award-winning, family owned and operated small batch brewery located in Prince Edward County. Situated in and amongst beautiful wine country, we are located on our family vineyard, home to winery Domaine Darius. Our outdoor beer garden and fire pit area overlooks acres of vineyard.  

Offering many rotating taps, featuring unique brew styles inspired from all over the world - ranging from IPAs, Ales, Lagers and Porters. We will always be true to what we believe and will only create what we like. No two beers will ever be brewed the same. Some may be similar (our flagships'; Daves' ESB, Jack's Black Lager), however, you can expect a new variety of brew styles every time. 

We are an establishment offering an environment that is social, positive and fun. A destination where learning about craft beer is our focus and to provide a consistent, interactive experience where our customers will develop trust in our brand and our product.

The brewery’s design look and feel was inspired by the industrial age. The way signage was created, buildings were simple, yet included fine detail and factories were built with wood and steel. Hand crafted and quality driven. 

We are fortunate to have the support of our family and friends which has encouraged us to follow our dream. We look forward to sharing our dream with you.

Andrew and Christine Gillingham
Creatively brewed. Spontaneously crafted. 

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