Corks & Casks. A Culinary Experience June 20

Limited tickets available for this exclusive dinner event.

Hosted at Gillingham Brewery, join us on Thursday, June 20 for an evening in the beer garden, amongst the breathtaking views of the vineyards, home to Domaine Darius Winery.

A culinary experience like no other. Throughout the evening, we will be weaving a colourful tapestry of taste and stories with every dish and pairing. We'll show you why certain ingredients pair so well with each beer and wine and demonstrate how they impact your palate. We work closely with local farmers, small scale producers and wild foragers to find unique ingredients. Each of these people has an experience that can be shared, building a complex narrative for the plate itself. We seek to entertain you as you learn, ensuring you walk away fully satiated with a memorable experience to take with you. 

This experience for 2 people includes a welcome glass of beer each, a 4-course menu for 2 served on a harvest table setting where each course is thoughtfully paired with unique craft beers from Gillingham Brewery and specialty wines from Domaine Darius Winery. The main course will commence with the tapping of a special cask ale, exclusively brewed for this event. All enjoyed by the sweet sounds of Blues and Jazz.


Each course is paired with beer and wine

First Course
Sautéed oyster mushrooms and caramelized Spanish red onions served on a pan-seared polenta cake

Second Course
Grilled asparagus, strawberry and rhubarb salad featuring Elmbrook Farms sprouts and greens

Main Course
Ruby Murray Rabbit Curry served over aromatic basmati rice with ginger matchsticks, cucumber raita and a cilantro syrup reduction

Vegetarian option available upon request. Rajma Red Bean Curry served over aromatic basmati rice with ginger matchsticks, cucumber raita and lime 

Flourless chocolate brownie, house made vanilla ice cream, olive oil, black lava sea salt and dandelion syrup


Arrival for welcome social is 6:30pm. Dinner is served around 7:00pm.


 $325.00 for 2 people.
Includes gratuities. Taxes are extra. 


In the early days of draught beer, before metal kegs, CO2 tanks or refrigerated coolers, there was cask-conditioned ale. Also known as cask ale or, sometimes, real ale. Unlike most beer, which is delivered from the brewery in a finished state, cask-conditioned ale does not complete its fermenting until days or even moments before it is delivered to the drinker, with a small amount of fermentation continuing in the cask from which the beer will be poured. Before tapping, a vent is opened in the top of the cask and the extra gas is allowed to escape, which is why cask ale is less carbonated than other beer. As a final step ‘finings’ are added to encourage the yeast to sink to the bottom, where it will remain undisturbed while the beer is poured. Your finished pint may be a bit cloudy, but should be mildly carbonated, slightly chilled, fresh and vibrant in taste.


Hosted by Prud'homme Master Beer Sommelier Doug Appeldoorn, Multi award-winning brewer, Andrew Gillingham and Wine maker + member of the Wine Judge's of Canada, Dave Gillingham.

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Price includes gratuities. Taxes are extra and calculated at check-out.
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